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Skin Analysis

Complimentary Skin Analysis & Skin Care Questionnaire

I am so excited to get to know you and your skin! Completing this skin analysis quiz will allow me to best serve you and cater to your skin care needs. Please answer the following questions to help me get started on your personalized recommendations. I will be in touch to go over your results and discuss next steps!

Have you completed a DNA test for heritage?
Do you scar easily?
Do you burn easily in the sun?
Do you lay out in the sun?
Do you wear SPF?
Which option below best describes your skin type?
Which of the following products do you currently use? (select all that apply)
Select any of the skin concerns below that apply to you:
Do you feel hot most of the time?
Do you feel cold most of the time?
Do you feel like your body temperature is well-balanced?
Do you sleep with a fan directly on you?
If you sleep with a fan on you, have you always done so?
Do you have hot flashes or night sweats?
Have you entered Menopause?
Do you still have a period?
If applicable, are your periods regular?
If applicable, does your skin break out close to your period?
If applicable, do you experience extreme cramping with your periods?
If applicable, do you experience blood clotting during your period?
Do you take Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Thanks for submitting!

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